Rashid Shams

Ph.D. Student (2nd Year)

Rashid is a 2nd year doctoral student who conducts research focused on region- and site-specific semi-empirical ground motion modeling. His current projects include ground motion data processing to assess the usability of new sensors for earthquakes (3-axis class-C MEMES accelerometer) in comparison of traditional sensors. He is also investigating the parameterization of geometric features in basins for site response model improvements and will be exploring site response studies in the San Francisco/Bay Area. Other projects include the influence and impact of paths effects in sedimentary basin amplification, and the quantification of variability through sub-basins in southern California.


In addition, Rashid is actively engaged in the research community though research presentations (domestic and international), and he is a gold Medal recipient from the Indian Institute of Technology, Dhanbad (Indian School of Mines).


M.T., (2022) Indian Institute of Technology, Dhanbad (Indian School of Mines)

B.S., (2020) Ch. Brahm Prakash Government Engineering College