Deployments of Seismometer Arrays for HVSR and MAM Data Collection at Tarzana Clubhouse (CE 24103) and LA VAMC Brentwood (NP 638)

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The Nweke Research Group conducted field testing ┬áto collect data for Horizontal to Vertical Spectral Ration (HVSR) and Microtremor Array Method (MAM). The field tests were conducted at two locations: (1) Nearby the Tarzana Clubhouse (Network/Station code = CE/24103) which recorded large amplifications in ground shaking during the 1994 Mw 6.7 Northridge Earthquake; and (2) … Read More

Prof. Nweke Invited to Present at the Orange County ASCE Geo-Institute Seminar on Geotechnical Site Characterization

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Prof. Nweke was invited to join a panel of experts to present on recent innovations and findings in geotechnical site characterization. Prof. Nweke presented on Seismic Hazard Parameters for Site Response Analysis and Assessment with regards to Basin Effects. It was a wonderful event with very interesting and inspiring presentations by Prof. Jason DeJong (UC … Read More

Prof. Nweke Presents Work on Site Response Variations in Different Basin Types at the EERI 12th National Earthquake Engineering Conference (12NCEE)

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This year 2022 is looking like the beginning of return to normalcy with regards to travel for conferences as Professor Nweke attends the 12th National Earthquake Engineering Conference (12NCEE) which was held in Downtown Salt Lake City, UT. At the conference, Prof. Nweke presented on his work investigating site response variations in different sedimentary basin … Read More

Prof. Nweke and Piyush Vyas (Ph.D. Student) Participate in the Deployment of Temporary Seismic Recording Stations in the Los Angeles Basin

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Prof. Nweke and his Ph.D. student Piyush Vyas joined a team that was tasked with deploying 250 temporary seismic instruments to record earthquakes in the Los Angeles Basin (All the red dots in the Feature Image and points in the google earth photo below). The effort will temporarily increase the number of seismometers in the … Read More