Prof. Nweke was invited by the chair of Civil Engineering at Boise State, Prof. Nick Hudyma, to present a guest lecture for the CE-EC 100 Course: Geologic Hazards and Pop Culture – Myths Vs. Reality. The audience comprised of undergraduates students from the Civil Engineering department at Boise State University. The presentation was titled “Natural Hazards – Earthquakes: Impacts to Infrastructure and Communities” and it focused on informing the audience of the historic earthquake events that have devastated communities and civil infrastructure such as the Cantebury Earthquake Sequence from 2010 – 2011 (Included M7.1, M6.2, & M6.o among others), the 2015 M7.8 Gorkha Earthquake in Nepal, ┬áthe 2010 M7.0 & 2021 M7.2 Haiti Earthquakes, 2009 M6.3 L’Aquila Earthquake in Italy, and many more. We touched on the hazards that arise from earthquakes (liquefaction, landslides, fires, building collapse, and more), and how we design against such hazards fro future and current infrastructures.

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