The Nweke Research Group conducted field testing  to collect data for Horizontal to Vertical Spectral Ration (HVSR) and Microtremor Array Method (MAM). The field tests were conducted at two locations: (1) Nearby the Tarzana Clubhouse (Network/Station code = CE/24103) which recorded large amplifications in ground shaking during the 1994 Mw 6.7 Northridge Earthquake; and (2) Nearby the LA Brentwood VAMC (Network/Station code = NP/638) which is located at the northern edge of the Los Angeles Basin.

10 seismometers were deployed at each site (with a second array of 5 seismometers deployed at an additional location nearby Tarzana Clubhouse). These seismometers are 120s Trillium Compacts.

The team involved included Prof. Nweke, his summer undergraduate researcher Alex Quiachon (incoming freshmen at Colorado School of Mines), and Tristan Buckreis (Ph.D. Candidate at UCLA).

The deployments were done on two separate days one week apart. The data was used by Alex to determine the site periods (accomplished using HVSRpy) and develop a map displaying the spatial estimate of site period over the nearby areas using Kriging.

Alex joins us at USC this summer under the USC Viterbi Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE Program).

A lot of thanks to Tristan Buckreis, Kenneth Hudson, the staff at Heroes Golf Course, and Mr. Alex who is a retired Police Detective from Tarzana.

The data from this work will be published on NHERI DesignSafe-CI.

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