Prof. Nweke and Piyush Vyas (Ph.D. Student) Participate in the Deployment of Temporary Seismic Recording Stations in the Los Angeles Basin

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Prof. Nweke and his Ph.D. student Piyush Vyas joined a team that was tasked with deploying 250 temporary seismic instruments to record earthquakes in the Los Angeles Basin (All the red dots in the Feature Image and points in the google earth photo below). The effort will temporarily increase the number of seismometers in the … Read More

NEW PAPER ALERT!!!!: Site Response of Sedimentary Basins and other Geomorphic Provinces in Southern California

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This is a flagship paper that presents our work investigating updates to the way we characterize seismic site response in sedimentary basins of varying size, as well as non-basin areas. The paper details our efforts which resulted in changes to the mean estimates and associated variability as it relates to ground motion hazards, going beyond … Read More